Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baggage fee? Never!

A recent report stated United Airlines is getting around $400 million a year in baggage fees, which helped the company post a profit for the first time in three years! As if traveling isn't already considered a luxury already in today's economy, an additional $25 per baggage can quickly add up for a large family (or a fashion-stubborn woman who needs a different outfit each day!).

So when I had to pack for a vacation to Maui for 6 days, I knew I had a challenge in my hand.

Goal: 6 days and evenings, from the beach to the mountain, all in one small carry-on. No looks are repeated!

As I gladly accept the challenge, here's my game plan:

1) Never bring more than 3 pairs of shoes (including the one you wear while traveling!).
The breakdown: One pair of comfortable heels in a neutral color (for the evening), one pair of flats (for the beach), and hiking shoes (which are replaced with boots when I travel to a city).
2) Two to three pairs of sunglasses. Different sunglasses can give very different looks so it's critical to have multiple whenever possible, especially to the beach. Trust me, you don't want to have the same glasses covering your face in all the pictures!
3) One oversized tote.
4) 2 necklaces (one neutral, one statement), a few fun bangles and cocktail rings.
5) One or two belts to accessorize your outfits.
6) A light cardigan for the temperature variation from day to evening.
7) 4 dresses (one for each day on the beach) that can be worn as a day dress or beach coverup.
8) Lastly, 2 casual cotton tops and one pair of shorts.

See how I tackle the 6-day challenge in the next 6 posts!


Nicole said...

6 days in one carry on?! Impressive!!!

Katie said...

impressive indeed!! Love those sandals.

Swan said...

Up for this challenge?

lummi said...

I love this tip, I am going to try to travel light when I go to Germany in 2.5 wks so I will use this advice. Is that your actual carry on?

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