Friday, July 30, 2010

Maui 6 Day Challenge - Day 4

It is no secret that putting on bright colors will make your mood brighter. But who would have known that this sheer bright print beach cover up from H&M is just what I needed to combat the curse of the yacht-setting lifestyle - seasickness?

Other than bold colors, this summer I was also craving fun prints. Whether it’s abstract, floras, or geometric graphics, this season is all about the balance of the motif, colors, and fabric details.
To rock a bit of St. Tropez , enhance your outfit with Grecian flats and fun jewelries with the cover up. Stackable rings, wide bangles, or a fun necklace, go with what your heart desires! Since I optimized my luggage space by only bringing one pair of simple flip flops, I turned the jewelry up a notch with a chunky necklace to bring attention upwards. Whatever you choose to do, be free, be daring, and be fun! Because when you cruise on a yacht, you are just a spec of dust in the Pacific Ocean and there is no one else to judge you but you (minus the paparazzi)!

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lummi said...

i <3 Gorjana rings. Someday..

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