Monday, August 30, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Dear Diary,

Needless to say, I was pretty floored when I found out my Dark Ballerina was picked as the “Look of the Day” by FabSugar! There was a lot of silent screaming and a lot more of “OMG” messages to my friends. It’s not often that I would think one person’s voice would matter that much to me, but on Friday, August 27, it did. Thank you to the fabulous editor at FabSugar for picking my look! You’ve given me the validation that it’s worth all the sweat and tears (and the uncomfortable part of letting my face be searchable by Google)!

Like so many girly girls out there, I've often identified myself in many ways with the iconic Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Like Holly, I watched my dreams flash in front of me like the sparkling marquise-cut diamond clusters necklace, but never reachable. I was just an average girl like most of my readers out there, trapped in a not-so-creative corporate job and beaten down by an ugly commute. But my hope for something more fantastic kept me alive and motivated; hence, FrillsandRuffles was born! The feature on FabSugar at this early stage in my blog career is probably as good to me as Holly realizing her true love is a poor young writer named Paul instead of the boring millionaire!

So, this post is for all the readers of FrillsandRuffles, thank you for spending a few minutes of your time each day to be with me. Thank you for cheering me on so I can happily continue to pursue my own version of a 195 carat blue sapphire necklace.

Black Drape Back Dress: Cynthia Steffe
Chain Necklace: Chanel Chain Belt
Pearl Muti-Strand Necklace: H&M
Leather Long Gloves: Banana Republic
Pantent Pumps: Christian Louboutin

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fan Spotlight: Swan from New York

Dear Diary,
Starting a fashion diary and putting my face on the web was a huge risk to take. While I truly enjoy sharing my passion for clothes with the world, I couldn’t help but wonder… is anyone out there reading this (other than my beloved friends and family of course)?

However, something magical is happening. Fan messages! So in today’s special entry, I would like to feature this stylish New Yorker fan!

Dear FrillsandRuffles,
Why is fashion so fleeting? Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was rockin’ low-rise jeans? Now they’re in my closet, hidden behind Juicy Couture tracksuits and ruffled mini-skirts . Inspired by your recent Closet Raid, I decided to dig into my closet to create a fresh new work look with clothes from the past decade.

I started off my challenge with a pastel green skirt. Even when it was trendy, it was difficult to find the right occasion to wear it. Wearing it to work? Quelle horror! I knew I would need to pair it with a conservative top but it didn’t quite work with a button-down shirt. It did, however, match a blue off-the-shoulder top. Having seen great uses of blazers on your site, I quickly turned a casual outfit into corporate appropriate attire by adding a black blazer. I updated the style by rolling the sleeves up. To complete the outfit and inject some conservatism, I added gold bangles with charms from H&M, Charles David slingbacks and a Chanel clutch. Utilizing the key themes from your blog- accessorize and colorize, I managed to produce an outfit that’s far more interesting than my usual black and white work uniform. The best part? It didn’t cost a cent! Thanks FrillsandRuffles! Keep up the good work. I look forward to stealing more ideas!

Heart Swan

Oh Swan, bravo for embracing colors! The pastel skirt is both delicious and refreshing like a summer Mojito! Swan you are true to the spirit of FrillsandRuffles! I’m so glad you were able to find new life for clothes that you thought were once out of fashion!

Nothing makes me happier than to hear that I am making a difference in people’s lives. So to all the fans out there, I heart you too!

If I have inspired you in any way, I would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dark Ballerina

Dear Diary,
It's occurred to me that I have developed a new condition. I’m afraid I’ve become a bit fashion bi-polar (gasp!). It was just yesterday that I was wearing romantic and feminine frocks; today I am rocking a dark ballerina look.

By combining two unlikely styles together: ballerina and rocker girl, a fun and unexpected outfit is born. Definitely not a look for those who are faint of heart: a little rebellious yet a little sweet is just what I need to cure my condition!

Grey leather jacket paired with sugar pink flowy top is my version of combining two unlikely trends. What is yours?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sheer Romance

Dear Diary,
Today, I am feeling like a lady. Inspired by my newly acquired hair curling skills (thanks to all the youtube tutorial videos!), it seems only fitting for me to wear a little bit of frills with a little bit of ruffles to complete the look.

Summer is quickly slipping away and there is no better way to end this adventure-filled summer by wearing my favorite trends from this Spring/Summer: sheer and nude.
Sheer is another one of those trends that never truly goes away. I have always been a fan of the soft and feminine look of sheer, but it can be tricky to pull off. It can easily look overdone, or just outright inappropriate (unless you are Madonna). My advice: keep the colors simple or even monochromatic!
Feeling ethereal and brave, I will be marching into the Fall season in my sheer blouse with my steps lighter and my heart fresher.

Blouse: (Sfera)
Bubble Skirt: Banana Republic
Black Patent Pump: Christian Louboutin

Spring/Summer 2010 from Givenchy

Spring/Summer from Jason Wu

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wear Your Inner Self

Dear Diary,
We have yet another exciting guest! Who is this week’s stylish guest blogger? Find out yourself!

"Hey Bay Area elite...Gossip Girl Here.
Just received a blast from a Bay Area fashionista: Spotted at the chic and paparazzi-filled Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Francisco: Frills & Ruffles sipping tea with a mystery guest. Who could possibly be worthy of Ms. F&R's time? More importantly, what could be the hot topic of interest? Don't believe me? See for yourselves. Lucky for us we have photo proof.”

FrillsandRuffles: Tell me about yourself.
N: Blair Waldorf wanna-be; Enjoys some things nerdy, and all things girly. Mix and match, and matchy-match, me in a nutshell.

FrillsandRuffles: What do you do for work?
N: I work in the tech industry by day, moonlighting as a cupcake taster by night.

FrillsandRuffles: How would you describe your style?
N: Casual geek chic during the work week (think basic tees, cardigans and flats); Revealing my inner Blair Waldorf for the weekend (feminine dresses and most importantly headbands).

FrillsandRuffles: I love your look, what was your inspiration?
N: For a fun-filled afternoon to be spent sipping on tea and munching on delicious finger foods, I put together a look that was simple yet feminine. This outfit is the perfect blend of my weekday and weekend style. The simple dress with a modern twist on the collar detailing complemented the floral headband. In order to spiff up the bottom half of the outfit, I chose a grey studded belt to cinch the waist. The simplicity of the look allowed me to spend less time staring at my closet and more time enjoying afternoon tea!

FrillsandRuffles: I always say accessories make the outfit. What accessories can't you live without?
N: I can't live without my pearl strand! I can always rely on it to pull any look together. It's so versatile and can change an outfit's vibe whether it be double layered with a cardigan for work, knotted with a basic tee + skinny jeans on the weekend or worn to flair up a mini dress for a night out.

FrillsandRuffles: Lastly, Team Chuck or Team Nate?
N: Team Nate, of course! Nate’s disheveled preppy style complements Queen B perfectly!

In true FrillsandRuffles fashion, N looked sassy and confident in her very ruffly JCrew headband, preppy shirt dress from Martin and Osa, and a white cardigan from Banana Republic. I’d say, the strand of pearls secured her soon-to-be-Queen status!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling Striped

Dear Diary,
I am guilty of a crime. I have violated one of the très important shopping rules that I have given to myself and to my friends (well, only those who bothered to listen!). I was conscious of my action yet I still broke my own rule. Guilty as charged!

Before I turn myself in, perhaps I can offer my defense:
  • They are cute!
  • They are basic! (So I didn't technically break the rule)
  • They serve different purposes!
  • They were all under $20!
Yea, I am aware that “cuteness” doesn’t make a strong argument but at least I delivered it with conviction!

At last, I was deemed guilty of purchasing multiple pieces of the same trend –stripes!

To maximize your investment and closet space, I often only purchase one or two pieces from the same trend. That way you get to participate in the hot thing of the moment, but you’re not stuck with too many pieces that fall out of fashion next season.

Despite having already purchased a white and navy thin striped long tee for Maui (see my last Maui 6 Day Challenge) and a pin-stripe tank top (which I’m sure you’ll see in a near future entry), I couldn’t resist when I saw this black and grey striped high-waist skirt from Forever21. The best part is it only cost me $5.50 (no joke!). I should have been granted a pardon just based on my ability to find such a great deal…

So even if I have to be sentenced to jail, at least I will be fashionably striped in my tank and high-waist skirt~

Cropped Blazer: Club Monaco
White Tank: Gap
Striped Skirt: Forever21
Lace-up Heels: Zara

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cloudy Day

Dear Diary,
This morning I was overwhelmed with darkness (literally).

Maybe it’s waking up to 58 degrees of cloudy skies and foggy weather for the past four days.
Maybe it’s the fear of emails announcing clearance sales piling up in my inbox, unopened, and that I am missing out by the seconds.
Maybe it’s because I regret spending the last day of Summer staring at my monitor.
Maybe it’s because Fall is actually coming and I am behind on what’s new.

I need something très chic if I want to go through this day!
I turned to my closet for an answer (as any logical girl would!). Not inspired.

As I sit helplessly on the carpeted floor of my walk-in closet, with my knees bent and wide open, feet next to my buttocks, ready to fall forward at any time (this has to be an expert Yoga pose or something), I was suddenly enlightened (thanks to the power of “nija-svarupa”, my divine identity).

Why feel gloomy when you can just be fashionably dark?

So I picked a Theory black top with small fold details on the shoulders and slipped on a pleated mini shirt with gold prints. Staying true to FrillsandRuffles’ spirit, I popped my outfit with this to die for Giambattista Valli burnt orange bow belt with frayed edges. And my ankle boots? Well, they deserve an entry of their own for next time!

Who cares if said why minis might be over for Fall. Today I am fighting back to with a little bit of help from Theory and Dian von Furstenberg.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closet Raid

Dear Diary,
You are in for a treat. We have our first guest ever! In addition, we’re also having the first FrillsandRuffles Closet Raid. The idea is simple, I pay a little visit to my friend’s closet and play dress up all afternoon! Life is good~

A shout out to my adorable friend, Ivana, who came dressed in a complete “picnic themed” outfit (see below), for helping me put outfits together in this raid (hey, two minds are always better than one!). Without further adieu, let me introduce our fun and bubbly guest, Alice!

FrillsandRuffles: What do you do for work?
Alice: I work in inventory planning

FrillsandRuffles: How would you describe yourself?
Alice: Quirky and mischievous, and perhaps a bit sarcastic

FrillsandRuffles: Tell me something about yourself.
Alice: I like eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast

FrillsandRuffles: What is your style?
Alice: Girly - I like ruffles, bows and flowy clothing as well as interesting draping. I've been described as dressing
somewhere in between Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie

FrillsandRuffles: What is one thing you can't live without?
Alice: My boar bristle round brush!!

FrillsandRuffles: What's your favorite song?
Alice: Stars - My Favorite Book

FrillsandRuffles: What are three looks you would like to have?
Alice: A fun business casual outfit for work, something for going out that's different than what I wear now and a more dressed up casual weekend outfit

Tasks received! We first tackled this challenge by asking Alice to put on her favorite outfit so that we can get a sense of what her style is.

Alice: My favorite thing to wear right now is a gray tank dress with ruffles (surprise!) from Gap. I like to pair it with a white tank top and leggings.

I noticed right away that Alice is a savvy dresser. She actually wore the dress as a skirt! Sadly, her outfit is slightly - dare I say it - boring! She could use more colors to match her up beat personality.

For her first outfit, we wanted to put together a work appropriate outfit that is slightly more unexpected. We LOVED this JCrew silk black blazer, paired with a light yellow shirt with lace detailing from Urban Outfitters, and a plaid bubble skirt from Forever21. By wearing the skirt higher, her legs are elongated and ready to show off those colorful printed ballet flats. We added a layered pearl necklace to up the drama factor and give the look a more playful appeal.

Alice: This outfit was the most fun to put together. I think I rediscovered some articles of clothing in my closet during the process of making this one! The yellow shirt and plaid high waist skirt combo is really fresh looking. While probably not work appropriate for a large majority of corporate America, I think it's a fun take on business casual. Am I a punk rocker? Or am I just on my way out the door to work on Monday morning? Your guess is as good as mine!

A professional look, yet full of personality! Why wear the typical corporate uniform? This is my favorite look for her!

A green cardigan, pink floral top, and knee high capri pants is what we thought was ideal for her to wear on the weekend! A very versatile ensemble to combat the very unpredictable San Francisco weather. I loved the contrasting colors that drew the focus up towards her face.

Alice: This outfit was the biggest stretch for me as I am not wearing any of the pieces the way I normally would. I like that my floral trapeze top was given a new look by tucking it into the capri pants, but overall I would say that this outfit is not two eggs benedict brunch friendly.

This outfit pushed her slightly out of her comfort zone. But hey, that's what we are here for!

Her final look is a nod to her favorite outfit (see above). We sassed up the same casual Gap dress a bit by adding bold accessories. The big bib necklace adds details to the very plain neckline and gives a more elevated feel. The metallic belt allows us to change the silhouette from everyday to elegant. Instead of using a tank to break up the top and bottom of the dress, the belt raises her waistline and creates an illusion of longer legs (not that she doesn’t have them already!).

Alice: This is probably my favorite out of all the looks we created today. I love how the belt changes the silhouette completely and how the necklace makes the outfit ready for a night on the town.

Accessories really make the outfit!

Whew...I’m exhausted. Time for some homemade Mocha Cupcakes! We have succeeded in helping Alice put together looks she would not normally put together herself using her existing closet. Which one is your favorite look?