Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cloudy Day

Dear Diary,
This morning I was overwhelmed with darkness (literally).

Maybe it’s waking up to 58 degrees of cloudy skies and foggy weather for the past four days.
Maybe it’s the fear of emails announcing clearance sales piling up in my inbox, unopened, and that I am missing out by the seconds.
Maybe it’s because I regret spending the last day of Summer staring at my monitor.
Maybe it’s because Fall is actually coming and I am behind on what’s new.

I need something très chic if I want to go through this day!
I turned to my closet for an answer (as any logical girl would!). Not inspired.

As I sit helplessly on the carpeted floor of my walk-in closet, with my knees bent and wide open, feet next to my buttocks, ready to fall forward at any time (this has to be an expert Yoga pose or something), I was suddenly enlightened (thanks to the power of “nija-svarupa”, my divine identity).

Why feel gloomy when you can just be fashionably dark?

So I picked a Theory black top with small fold details on the shoulders and slipped on a pleated mini shirt with gold prints. Staying true to FrillsandRuffles’ spirit, I popped my outfit with this to die for Giambattista Valli burnt orange bow belt with frayed edges. And my ankle boots? Well, they deserve an entry of their own for next time!

Who cares if said why minis might be over for Fall. Today I am fighting back to with a little bit of help from Theory and Dian von Furstenberg.


June said...

love the orange belt!

Anonymous said...

hi there, just stumbled upon your blog today at work. cute blog! where did you get your sunglasses from? so stylish!

FrillsandRuffles said...

hello Anonymous! Believe it or not, these stylish specs are from Forever21!

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