Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling Striped

Dear Diary,
I am guilty of a crime. I have violated one of the très important shopping rules that I have given to myself and to my friends (well, only those who bothered to listen!). I was conscious of my action yet I still broke my own rule. Guilty as charged!

Before I turn myself in, perhaps I can offer my defense:
  • They are cute!
  • They are basic! (So I didn't technically break the rule)
  • They serve different purposes!
  • They were all under $20!
Yea, I am aware that “cuteness” doesn’t make a strong argument but at least I delivered it with conviction!

At last, I was deemed guilty of purchasing multiple pieces of the same trend –stripes!

To maximize your investment and closet space, I often only purchase one or two pieces from the same trend. That way you get to participate in the hot thing of the moment, but you’re not stuck with too many pieces that fall out of fashion next season.

Despite having already purchased a white and navy thin striped long tee for Maui (see my last Maui 6 Day Challenge) and a pin-stripe tank top (which I’m sure you’ll see in a near future entry), I couldn’t resist when I saw this black and grey striped high-waist skirt from Forever21. The best part is it only cost me $5.50 (no joke!). I should have been granted a pardon just based on my ability to find such a great deal…

So even if I have to be sentenced to jail, at least I will be fashionably striped in my tank and high-waist skirt~

Cropped Blazer: Club Monaco
White Tank: Gap
Striped Skirt: Forever21
Lace-up Heels: Zara

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