Monday, August 2, 2010

Maui 6 Day Challenge - Day 5

Deep in your closet, there exists a land of the abandoned. In that corner, you’ll find tops from the high school years that are way too short but that you are still unwilling to part with, pants that are neither flattering nor your style but are a steal, and how about that dress you bought in the hopes that "someday" you’ll have the perfect occasion to wear?
For me when I was packing for Maui, I found a tunic in my closet corner that was grossly too large but that I had purchased it anyways from the sale rack of Anthroplogie. Yes, you might think I’m guilty for purchasing clothes just because they were on sale, BUT maybe I am just an opportunistic shopper that believes every piece of clothes deserves a chance to be shown off to the world, sale or no sale!
Take this oversize tunic for example. It barely hangs on my shoulders and wears like a muumuu (and NO ONE looks good in a muumuu). It has flower details that make it so girly and whimsical but not at all practical for the everyday wardrobe. However, in Maui it found a second life as a fun beach coverup!
To fix the ill-fitting issue, I put a wide woven belt around my waist for two reasons: (1) to show off my true waist size (must avoid looking like a whale at all cost!) and (2) to pull up the hemline so I elongate my legs and balance against the loose top. Wear it with a pair of cute thong sandals and some cheerful jewelries, and the ever so forgotten tunic from the corner of closet becomes a perfect outfit for the beach as well as brunch!
Today's pledge, look through your land of the abandoned. Take one piece of clothing and find a way to incorporate it in your outfit tomorrow!

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Love your pics and your fashion style!

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