Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closet Raid

Dear Diary,
You are in for a treat. We have our first guest ever! In addition, we’re also having the first FrillsandRuffles Closet Raid. The idea is simple, I pay a little visit to my friend’s closet and play dress up all afternoon! Life is good~

A shout out to my adorable friend, Ivana, who came dressed in a complete “picnic themed” outfit (see below), for helping me put outfits together in this raid (hey, two minds are always better than one!). Without further adieu, let me introduce our fun and bubbly guest, Alice!

FrillsandRuffles: What do you do for work?
Alice: I work in inventory planning

FrillsandRuffles: How would you describe yourself?
Alice: Quirky and mischievous, and perhaps a bit sarcastic

FrillsandRuffles: Tell me something about yourself.
Alice: I like eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast

FrillsandRuffles: What is your style?
Alice: Girly - I like ruffles, bows and flowy clothing as well as interesting draping. I've been described as dressing
somewhere in between Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie

FrillsandRuffles: What is one thing you can't live without?
Alice: My boar bristle round brush!!

FrillsandRuffles: What's your favorite song?
Alice: Stars - My Favorite Book

FrillsandRuffles: What are three looks you would like to have?
Alice: A fun business casual outfit for work, something for going out that's different than what I wear now and a more dressed up casual weekend outfit

Tasks received! We first tackled this challenge by asking Alice to put on her favorite outfit so that we can get a sense of what her style is.

Alice: My favorite thing to wear right now is a gray tank dress with ruffles (surprise!) from Gap. I like to pair it with a white tank top and leggings.

I noticed right away that Alice is a savvy dresser. She actually wore the dress as a skirt! Sadly, her outfit is slightly - dare I say it - boring! She could use more colors to match her up beat personality.

For her first outfit, we wanted to put together a work appropriate outfit that is slightly more unexpected. We LOVED this JCrew silk black blazer, paired with a light yellow shirt with lace detailing from Urban Outfitters, and a plaid bubble skirt from Forever21. By wearing the skirt higher, her legs are elongated and ready to show off those colorful printed ballet flats. We added a layered pearl necklace to up the drama factor and give the look a more playful appeal.

Alice: This outfit was the most fun to put together. I think I rediscovered some articles of clothing in my closet during the process of making this one! The yellow shirt and plaid high waist skirt combo is really fresh looking. While probably not work appropriate for a large majority of corporate America, I think it's a fun take on business casual. Am I a punk rocker? Or am I just on my way out the door to work on Monday morning? Your guess is as good as mine!

A professional look, yet full of personality! Why wear the typical corporate uniform? This is my favorite look for her!

A green cardigan, pink floral top, and knee high capri pants is what we thought was ideal for her to wear on the weekend! A very versatile ensemble to combat the very unpredictable San Francisco weather. I loved the contrasting colors that drew the focus up towards her face.

Alice: This outfit was the biggest stretch for me as I am not wearing any of the pieces the way I normally would. I like that my floral trapeze top was given a new look by tucking it into the capri pants, but overall I would say that this outfit is not two eggs benedict brunch friendly.

This outfit pushed her slightly out of her comfort zone. But hey, that's what we are here for!

Her final look is a nod to her favorite outfit (see above). We sassed up the same casual Gap dress a bit by adding bold accessories. The big bib necklace adds details to the very plain neckline and gives a more elevated feel. The metallic belt allows us to change the silhouette from everyday to elegant. Instead of using a tank to break up the top and bottom of the dress, the belt raises her waistline and creates an illusion of longer legs (not that she doesn’t have them already!).

Alice: This is probably my favorite out of all the looks we created today. I love how the belt changes the silhouette completely and how the necklace makes the outfit ready for a night on the town.

Accessories really make the outfit!

Whew...I’m exhausted. Time for some homemade Mocha Cupcakes! We have succeeded in helping Alice put together looks she would not normally put together herself using her existing closet. Which one is your favorite look?


Swan said...

Love the outfits, particularly the 2nd one because the pieces aren't worn as they normally would. You really have an eye for these things!

Monica said...

even if it's not in her comfort zone, i think the green card + floral top + capris is really cute! =) I wish I could wear these outfits to work!

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bananna said...

Alice has such nice legs.

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