Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wear Your Inner Self

Dear Diary,
We have yet another exciting guest! Who is this week’s stylish guest blogger? Find out yourself!

"Hey Bay Area elite...Gossip Girl Here.
Just received a blast from a Bay Area fashionista: Spotted at the chic and paparazzi-filled Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Francisco: Frills & Ruffles sipping tea with a mystery guest. Who could possibly be worthy of Ms. F&R's time? More importantly, what could be the hot topic of interest? Don't believe me? See for yourselves. Lucky for us we have photo proof.”

FrillsandRuffles: Tell me about yourself.
N: Blair Waldorf wanna-be; Enjoys some things nerdy, and all things girly. Mix and match, and matchy-match, me in a nutshell.

FrillsandRuffles: What do you do for work?
N: I work in the tech industry by day, moonlighting as a cupcake taster by night.

FrillsandRuffles: How would you describe your style?
N: Casual geek chic during the work week (think basic tees, cardigans and flats); Revealing my inner Blair Waldorf for the weekend (feminine dresses and most importantly headbands).

FrillsandRuffles: I love your look, what was your inspiration?
N: For a fun-filled afternoon to be spent sipping on tea and munching on delicious finger foods, I put together a look that was simple yet feminine. This outfit is the perfect blend of my weekday and weekend style. The simple dress with a modern twist on the collar detailing complemented the floral headband. In order to spiff up the bottom half of the outfit, I chose a grey studded belt to cinch the waist. The simplicity of the look allowed me to spend less time staring at my closet and more time enjoying afternoon tea!

FrillsandRuffles: I always say accessories make the outfit. What accessories can't you live without?
N: I can't live without my pearl strand! I can always rely on it to pull any look together. It's so versatile and can change an outfit's vibe whether it be double layered with a cardigan for work, knotted with a basic tee + skinny jeans on the weekend or worn to flair up a mini dress for a night out.

FrillsandRuffles: Lastly, Team Chuck or Team Nate?
N: Team Nate, of course! Nate’s disheveled preppy style complements Queen B perfectly!

In true FrillsandRuffles fashion, N looked sassy and confident in her very ruffly JCrew headband, preppy shirt dress from Martin and Osa, and a white cardigan from Banana Republic. I’d say, the strand of pearls secured her soon-to-be-Queen status!


Anonymous said...

WoW who is Queen N?

Anonymous said...

How can I be a cupcake taster?

Anonymous said...

where is ur dress from u look gorgeous :)

FrillsandRuffles said...

Queen N's dress is from Martin+ Osa (which sadly closed...), mine is from Anthropologie~

Anonymous said...

obnoxious much ?

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