Thursday, August 5, 2010

Strong Shoulder

Most people would love to have a shoulder to lean on. You are considered lucky if you found one in a lifetime. Well, then I am blessed to have found two!

When shoulder pads came back in trend last year, I was a skeptic. Even today, I have a distant memory of my mom’s very retro jackets loaded with shoulder pads from the 80’s (which are still hanging in her closet today). Thank goodness this silhouette has been updated in a much more tasteful way! Instead of the bulky dynasty-looking shoulder pads, the modern shoulders now have more of a peak at the seam with clean sharp edges.

Top: JCrew
Jeans: Gap
Suede Pump: Banana Republic
Ring: Banana Republic

Not a believer? You can still participate in the trend by looking for pieces with shoulder details such as ruching and pleating details instead of shoulder pads. I found my cropped jacket in Taiwan for a steal. I love how it provided me more volume on the top and gave an illusion of a narrower lower body (who doesn’t want that?)!

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lummi said...

beautiful outfit. love the fun hairband and the cute vintage looking ring. love the Banana Republic pumps!

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