Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Art of Trickery

Dear Diary,
When it comes to getting the look I want, I always have a trick or two. Sometimes it takes a little bit of disguising, re-purposing, and a whole lot of determination. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but that’s what life is all about!

Yesterday in my entry I revealed that there was a hidden secret in my outfit in “In Full Swing”. What could be behind the seeming straightforward look? A printed top, a pleated skirt below the knee, embellished with a bow belt. It turns out the top is not much of a top at all…it’s actually a sheath dress!

When I was putting this look together I knew I wanted to wear prints, but most of my prints come in dresses. So that’s when I arrived at my “make it work” moment. The sheath dress is made in silk, so it ended up like a lining in the skirt. It was still comfortable and totally unnoticeable. I’m all about making every piece of clothing work hard for the money!


November Grey said...

This looks gorgeous, I love it! Well done! I also love how you title your posts "Dear Diary" ~ adorable.


Jamie said...

love love love your blog. found it on fab sugar :) i think you are adorable and i love the simplicity.

you gotta new follower :)

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