Thursday, September 2, 2010

Call Me Lacey

Dear Diary,

My legs have taken a life of their own. They are demanding for my attention now more than ever! I guess it’s true that I've been ignoring them for a bit; my neck is usually accessorized with fun necklaces, my arms stacked with bracelets, fingers adorned with large cocktail rings, and my feet – well they get a closet of their own. So to make up for the hurt feelings, I will make them the star of my look today. How? With lace of course!

Dress: Haute Hippie
Metallic Clutch: Dolce & Gabbana
Lace Tights: from Taiwan
For some reason, tights that are more than just “black” can be a bit scary. But the truth is they can be romantic, sophisticated, edgy, sexy or stylish, depending on how you pair them with you clothes. My recommendation for gals who want to try some slightly more daring tights (other than black rights) is to pair them with monochromatic clothes. Keep your clothes, color, and cut simple so your legs can do all the talking! It’s honestly another great way to make your usual go-to outfit look new and chic again!


Mallory and Kathryn said...

Those tights are killer! love the outfit!

love love love the blog!

kerry said...

stunning outfit, those tights are to die for! love the walking photo too, such a nice addition to a post. adore your blog, definitely a new fave and following :)

Jaclyn said...

beautiful!!! You look so classic and now! ;)

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