Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Full Swing

Dear Diary,
An epidemic is quietly but rapidly happening around me. It's so subtle and it might have even slipped past me if I wasn't super observant. There's nothing creepier than being the last person in a room to catch on to something. I'm sure I had a nightmare about it at some point in my life. So what's happening? Fuller and longer skirts!

I am not going to talk about how people are correlating skirt lengths to a nation's economic state. It's not much of an indicator when you're already at the bottom. Plus, I've contributed my fair share of mini-skirt wearing this Spring. But fuller skirt are seen in editorials, TV (Mad Men) and even on the street!

Although I'll never fully give up my mini hems, I will embrace the shift in this trend. Once in a while, I can really appreciate a more elegant and lady-like look. To stay true to my style, I opted for a color print top instead of a blouse (watch out for the old librarian effect!) and added a bow belt as a fun detail. I have to talk about my obsession with bows on another day, but it's my way of adding a sense of humor to my outfit and life.

My outfit has a hidden secret. Read my blog tomorrow to find out!

Top: Adam by Adam Lippes

Skirt: Banana Republic
Bow Belt: Chanel
Pumps: Prada

Louis Vuitton 2010 Fall/Winter

Prada 2008 Resort


Ginger said...

Hey hey! Thanks for the comment, it's always appreciated and I always try to comment back. As for long skirts, I have been loving them for a few months and my friends have all been looking at me as if I've gone off the deep end. I can't wait for them to admit I was right :P Also I really like the Prada Resort pictures you put up, not sure why but I hadn't really come across them yet. Beautiful :) And your outfit is adorable and ladylike and just djjkfnbf;abak fantastic. xx

Erica said...

I saw you on fabsugar!!! Congratulations and great outfit!

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