Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New York Wedding

Dear Diary,
Day 2 in New York was another beautiful day. Perfect for a friend's fairy tale wedding in the New York Botanical Garden. For such day, I wanted to wear something airy and modern-day princess-like. I fell in love with this grey all chiffon dress when I laid my eyes on it. I can never resist anything in chiffon! The thin delicate layer of chiffon on the shoulder can be worn as straps or spread out for a capped sleeve look. Bubble hems keep the dress young and fun while the pleated details on the bodice make the dress sophisticated. With this dress on I can almost hear Frank Sinatra sing:

"New York, New York
I want to wak up in a city, that never sleeps
And find I'm a number one top of the list, queen of the hill
A number one"

Gray Dress: Robert Rodriguez
Navy Suede Platforms: Zara
Jeweled Cuff: Forever 21
Bag: Chanel


November Grey said...

Gorgeous dress!! love love love! And with the jacket? Perfection.


November Grey

June said...

You look beautiful! :-)
PS Have a slice of NY pizza for me.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous look! You do look like a princess.

Anonymous said...

Really love that dress, it's super pretty!

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