Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stop The Labeling!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I wanted simplicity; today I want drama. Yes, I have already confessed that my wardrobe's personality can be a bit bi-polar, but I personally think being unpredictable (even to myself) keeps life interesting!

Ever since I started Frills and Ruffles, I've wanted to wear this one shoulder top with tiers and tiers of ruffles. I used to pair it with a black pencil skirt and pointy pumps for dinner dates, which makes it pretty dressy. But surely, there are other ways I can enjoy the uber feminine top without dishing out some serious money over steak and wine. So viola, my mission to dress down an occasional top was born!

Most logical gals purchase clothes and immediately designate some type of occasions with them; this black dress is the meeting Mr. Right cocktail dress in a newest bar in town, this maxi dress is for strolling on the beach with Mr. Right, this blouse is the meeting Mr. Right’s parents for Sunday brunch top, etc (you get the idea!). What’s up with the fashion prejudice?! If you allow yourself to see beyond these labels over your clothes, you might just discover more possibilities and outfits. And I might have just have lowered your credit card bill!

Ruffle One Shoulder Top: Banana Republic Monogram
Sueded Wood Platforms: Gucci

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