Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Take Me Back In Time - Wide Brim Hats

Dear Diary,
There is one instance where I would be willing to travel back in time and live in an era where TV's were not in HD, the concept of "world wide web" was just crazy talk, and no one was obsessed with texting and emailing via "mobile devices". What would be so attractive to me that I 'm willing to give up all these modern conveniences you ask? Big hats!

Not just any hat will do, BIG hats! Wide brim hats and floppy hats have been my secret obsession for years but I never found the appropriate opportunity to wear them! Retailers sell them, customers buy them, but you hardly seen anyone wear them in the mall or in a coffee shop. It got me thinking, when did it become socially unacceptable to wear big hats in public settings? How did we go from a time when not wearing hats was considered faux pas, to wearing floppy hats in a bar will get you some very critical stares? Some how, I jus can't imagine that rocking a wide brim hat in my cubicle while I'm sitting in front of my monitor would win me sincere compliments from my coworkers (even those closest to me!).

So this entry is dedicated to the revolutionary day when big hats are back in our everyday life. I look forward to the day I will be able to stroll down the grocery aisle in my wool floppy hat with my cart and a gentleman will pass by and say: "Good day!".

Wool Floppy Hat: Banana Republic

Knee High Suede Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti

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November Grey said...

Wow. You are fabulous! I love love love this whole look! So glad I found your blog. I'M FOLLOWING! XX


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