Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Rule?

Dear Diary,

When it comes to personal style, I'm not good at following the rules… and this Fall I’m breaking a few more: I’m wearing gloves when there’s no snow and carrying a small clutch to complete a daytime look.

For this transitional season (i.e. 68 degrees in the Bay Area, which really feels like 60 degrees), I’d say ditch your cardigan for these gloves to keep you warm and your outfit looking sharp. I personally would like to petition for gloves to be upgraded to "sunglasses status" as the perfect accessory we should have in our purses everyday! And how about those sassy clutches that are usually associated with a night out? I’d say forget the prejudice and embrace the irony of a dressy clutch and a pair of ripped jeans.

Gloves and Clutch: Banana Republic

Scarf: H&M

What's your favorite Fall accessories?
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November Grey said...

I'm on board with the gloves! I say YES. You look divine.


November Grey

Anonymous said...

Yes to gloves +1 !!!

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