Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love at 2nd Sight

Dear Diary,
I am a firm believer of love at first sight. When I lay my eyes on something I love, there’s usually no second guessing; I am walking out with it in a lovely shopping bag. But something strange happened when I was casually browsing at Zara. I spotted these wood wedge ankle boots I couldn’t take my eyes off of. My heart wasn’t racing and my face wasn’t flushed; yet I couldn’t set them down once I had tried them on. As I paced around the store, our future together became more apparent. I envisioned stylish heels, comfort, and total casual chic.
I guess love can develop over time (like 30 min in a Zara store).


November Grey said...

Awww... that's exactly how I feel about my husband! hahaha...

But seriously, I think this could be my favorite look of yours yet. Perfection. The lace, the necklace, the jacket and of course the shoes. All pulled together brilliantly.


November Grey

grace @ the cinderella project said...

oh love the jacket! really perfect with those wedges.

frills and ruffles diaries said...

November Grey - you are too funny!

frills and ruffles diaries said...

Grace- Isn't the jacket amazing? It's also from Zara. It comes with a sash that I am not using.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love the jacket. I wish there was a Zara anywhere near me. Anywhere at all.

You always have such great pictures, who takes them for you?

FrillsandRuffles said...

Lisa Lisa Lisa - Hi! Love your site!

My tripod takes most of my pictures (I'm camera shy when there's other people staring at me), but occasionally I do enlist my husband's help (when propping a tripod on the street seems a bit strange....)

Debby C said...


May I ask where the heels are from? :)

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