Friday, October 29, 2010

Travel Like a Queen

Dear Diary,
I received a special package today from a familiar friend, Queen N! It’s been so long since I last saw her at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (see here). We created quite a stir but it was worth it for a whole afternoon of chic fun. Anyways, in her package I found some delicious chocolates and postcards from her fabulous trip to Europe. Curious to hear about her stylish, jet-setting trip?

Greetings Frills & Ruffles!
Queen N here. I'm relaxing in a sidewalk cafe, sipping on a latte with not a single worry in the world. Ahh....vacation.

As I enjoy the beautiful architecture around me, I am also admiring the effortlessly chic style of the Viennese women. I see classy chignons, chic outerwear ranging from waist cinched wool coats to capelets and more classic-double breasted styles. As for footwear, almost everyone is sporting boots of some sort including ankle booties, riding boots and knee-high wedge boots...No matter what their individual styles are, all Viennese women seem to exude an effortless sense of glamour!

10 days in Europe, 3 multi-climate cities, and one carry-on, I was faced with the challenge to mirror the European casual chic style, yet at the same time making comfort my #1 priority.

For footwear, I chose my very versatile and extremely comfortable suede slouchy boots....After climbing 30 flights of stairs up a castle and experiencing no pain in my feet, I knew that I've made the right choice. In order to survive many hours of travel between cities and walking around sightseeing, I chose to pack many comfortable jersey pieces. In order to complete the look, I focused on accessorizing - I've embraced the true fall look and focused on packing different types of tights that ranged from textured to paisley-printed to houndstooth. Last but not the least, I packed Queen N's signature pieces: pearl strands and headbands. With my suitcase packed (with room to spare!), I was ready to roam the streets of Vienna while attempting to blend into the crowd.

Queen N's Tips On Travelling Light in Style:

- Strategically plan your outfits in advanced to avoid over packing. Pack no more than one outfit per day except for days when you must have separate eveningwear.

- Wear your bulkiest shoe & outfit while travelling in order to save room in your suitcase. This means knee high boots, outerwear, and chunky knit sweaters.

-Keep your outfits unique by focusing on lighter accessories such as patterned legwear, scarves, hats and jewelry. You'd be surprised at how different the same dress can look if worn with a beret and patterned tights vs a scarf and a waist cinching belt!

- Pack multi functional pieces such as a blazer that can be layered over different tops or a tunic that can be worn over different legwear.

-Keep shoes at bare minimum- choose a comfortable versatile style to walk miles in and pack a pair of dressy pumps because you'll never know when Prince Charming will invite you to a ball!

Wise words Queen N! I'm so happy to hear from you. XOXO

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Anna Jane said...

great tips! as a savvy traveler myself, i agree wholeheartedly with everything.

have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Queen N, you look so chic and fabulous in the pictures!

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