Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoil Alert! 50th Entry Special!

Dear Diary

No doubt I’ve been a lucky girl. In the short three months since I casually started Frills and Ruffles, I've received lots of love from friends, family, fans, and editorial features from highly respectable sites such as FabSugar and! Before I knew it, Frill and Ruffles is close to reaching a huge milestone: the 50th entry! Needless to say, this the longest diary I've EVER kept in my life by a long shot (I was never the persistent type so this is a personal milestone!).

To thank my readers for their love and support, I was determined to make my 50th entry special! It will involve “superstars” and of course “frills and ruffles couture”. While I don’t want to spill the beans, but I can promise some cuteness overload! Be sure to check back this week starting on Wed as I kick off Frills and Ruffles’ 50th entry celebration!

Here's a sneak preview:


Sarah said...

great picture!

FrillsandRuffles said...

Thanks Sarah! Be sure to check back for more pictures!

jessmazing said...


shiaohua said...

Yay doggie fashion show!

FrillsandRuffles said...

Unfortunately he's not mine! He is one of my special guests!

Taz_S said...

Buddy love buddy

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