Monday, November 8, 2010

Frills and Ruffles & Sister - I Got Your Back

Dear Diary,
Sometimes the best thing about having a sister is you’ll always have someone to do something that requires a bit of courage with you. Even if it means showing off a little bit of skin....

Going sleeveless or wearing mini hems seems so overdone. If there is a part of my body that has been grossly under exposed, it would be my back. Going backless is alluring yet so chic. So this Fall, I am covering up my bare legs and arms because F&R sisters are taking San Francisco with our backs!

Dress: Geren Ford
Belts: Chanel
Bag: Chanel
Pumps: Prada


Anonymous said...

Looking good...from the back, too!

Anonymous said...

where is your gray dress from? i love it!

FrillsandRuffles said...

Isn't it fab? I totally purchased it for the back details (who needs another gray dress right?). It's by Geren Ford and I purchased it from Gilt (always love a deal!).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the quick response. I'm used to ideeli but haven't heard of Gilt. Must check it out, thanks for the tip.

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