Friday, November 5, 2010

Frills and Ruffles & Sister - Sole Mates

Dear Diary,

Some people say siblings share a special connection. I do recall the occasional surprise phone calls when I was thinking about my sisters. But I didn’t realize how strong our connection is until one of my sisters returned from a recent shopping spree. Among her many proud purchases, two pairs of gorgeous shoes caught my eyes. Not because they were both fun and very trend-on, but more because there was something shockingly familiar about them…

Satin Rosette Strappy Heels
Left: Nina
Right: Zara

Leopard Pumps
Top: Manolo Blahnik
Bottom: Max Studio

What’s the likelihood that two sisters would end up purchasing two pairs of very similar shoes without influencing each other and 4 years apart? Perhaps this is sibling telepathy at its best!

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