Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashionably Caged In

Dear Diary,
The best thing about sisters is that occasionally they will take the liberty to be your stylists and purchase something a cute top or a fabulous dress for you. Sometimes you feel like they are the best because they’ve scored you something you totally love, but then other times you wonder if they know you at all!

I received these moon gold cage heels from my sister a few months ago. I have to say my initial reaction was: “what was she thinking?” They were definitely not the most practical shoes nor were they something I would purchase. But I’m glad I found a way to incorporate them in my personal style in a way that is fun and flirty.

Perhaps I wasn’t a visionary like my sister, but after all, she is older and wiser!

Top: Diane von Furstenberg
Necklace: JCrew
Skirt: Diane von Furstenberg
Heels: Taiwan


Anonymous said...

Wish my sister would gift me shoes like those! They are dreamy I actually like them way better in gold than in black, you wore them beautifully! Last shot is great!

lummi said...

These pics and outfits are amazing! You really bring out the romance in fashion.. keep the awesome posts coming!

Michelle Mara said...

Those are great shoes! I have some similar ones and they are actually amazingly comfy. But they are definitely not from my sis, she is more into practical stuff (zzzz).

Anne Dee said...

Your skirt is soo cute! I have a similar style shoes but in black. I think i'm going to take them out soon! Thanks for reminding me I have them :).

Ahhh I'm just following you now on Twitter. I hope you'd update it more!

.:Chelsey:. said...

When I view your blog, I always look at the pics, then go back and read what you had to say. That's how I read magazines too, ha! So when I initially looked at these pics, I thought your shoes were super funky & cool. Then when I read what you had to say I had to go back and analyze how they couldn't be cool to you and first. I can sort of see how you could have second-guessed them. I did, but vice-versa. But seriously, I think they're fun!

shefroggies said...

I love the shoes :) Neutral with an edge!

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