Monday, February 28, 2011

Guilt No More!

Dear Diary,
Can you believe there were several moments before I left for Taiwan that I thought this spur of the moment trip was going to be a bad idea? Have I once again become the slave to my work that I once was?
Well, I am glad I did go because I’ve returned from my travel a wealthier person!

Well, not wealthier for my wallet but definitely for my closet. If you recall my last trip to Taiwan, I go on these binge-shopping sprees when I go to Asia. This trip was no exception.

Here’s a preview of the clothes you’ll see in the upcoming entries of Frills and Ruffles!

Thanks to my girl friend’s suggestion, I purchased a garment rack from the Container Store to organize all of my new purchases since I’ve successfully filled two closets! So, no more spreading my “souvenirs” on the floor after a trip, now I can proudly display them beautifully next to my shoe closet in the spare room.

Dresses I picked up - I was craving for patterns, colors, and unique shapes

This time I got a wide range of outerwear in different textures and utilities!

I looked for tops that are interesting enough for going out yet classic enough for work

I am a huge fan of shoes from Taiwan. These heels are so sassy and different!

It's obvious that I am currently into vintage pieces in black and gold when it comes to jewelries

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Spontaneous

Dear Diary,
I am by no means a spontaneous person. A surprise trip is definitely not in my book. But I had a small window of opportunity to fly to Taiwan to see my family (and do some shopping) so I jumped on it in a heartbeat!

An afternoon buffet with endless desserts of your choice is not the only thing I jumped on; I also fell in love with these art deco fringe earrings. They are perfect to dress up a black top. Simple and classy, a perfect look to go with waffles, tiramisu, and Oolong Crème Brulee!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back To My Natural Habitat

Dear Diary,
It didn’t take me long to realize that my feet are not meant to walk in skis. But knee-high boots are a different story! I have to secretly admit that the one thing I am the most excited about is not the skiing or surrounding myself with the winter wonder, but challenging my closet to deliver a winter-resort look - my style.

I strongly believe in adding a little bit of luxe to your daily look and this winter-resort look is no exception. My personal touch to this outfit is to pair the iconic plaid button-up shirt with a fitting drape skirt – I love the contrast of a rustic style with feminine touch. Piling on layers and layers of textures from leather, shearling and suede, I felt totally at ease walking through the snow in the serenity.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frills and Ruffles Party Continues

Dear Diary,
Nothing is ever as effortless as it seems! And hosting a party is definitely NOT effortless!

12:00 AM - frantically pump up balloons to make balloon chandelier

Balloon Chandelier How-to:
Pump about 50 balloons in various sizes using a balloon pump. Attach 4’ of ribbons to each balloon. Pick one medium to large size balloon and hold the ribbon by the tip and let the balloon drop. This will be the lowest tip of the chandelier. Build your balloon chandelier by adding one balloon at a time and build up layers upward by adjusting the length of the ribbons in your palm. Once you’ve achieved the size of chandelier you like in width and height, twist all the ribbons in your hand and tie a knot. You can add large silk ribbons or bow to add texture to your chandelier!

Tips: Seal the balloons with plastic balloon clips so they can be reused for future events! Invest in a balloon pump ($5) to make the task much easier! I purchased the pearlized latex balloons, ribbons, pump, and balloon clips all from

9:00 AM – drive to SF Flower Mart to pick up fresh white and green hydrangeas to create the centerpieces. Pick up bright colored flowers to add pops of colors to your table setting

11:00 AM – pick up pre-ordered sandwiches and individual cakes from amazing local bakery Patisserie Philippe

12:00 PM – Set up the table with a table runner to add texture, layer with dessert plates, large modern serving plates, and colorful cake stands

2:00 PM – make-up artist Christina Chen arrives to doll up all the ladies

3:00 PM – free-lance photographer Brian Li captures the precious moments of the party and individual self-portraits for the ladies to keep!

6:30 PM – a glam dinner out in the town

What a day! And I loved every second of it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Frills and Ruffles 100th Entry!

Dear Diary,
Congratulations, you have reached another key milestone: the 100th entry! And for this day, I can’t think of anything better than a proper party to commemorate this very cool day. Yes, I could have bought myself a big fat present to reward myself for this achievement, but instead, I decided to take the moment to thank those inspire me in my everyday life – my friends!

Thanks for feeding me the latest fashion news
Thanks for giving me your honest feedback
Thanks for your encouragement and belief
And most of all, thank you for encouraging me to start Frills and Ruffles!

Dress: Phillip Lim
Photography: Brian Li