Monday, February 28, 2011

Guilt No More!

Dear Diary,
Can you believe there were several moments before I left for Taiwan that I thought this spur of the moment trip was going to be a bad idea? Have I once again become the slave to my work that I once was?
Well, I am glad I did go because I’ve returned from my travel a wealthier person!

Well, not wealthier for my wallet but definitely for my closet. If you recall my last trip to Taiwan, I go on these binge-shopping sprees when I go to Asia. This trip was no exception.

Here’s a preview of the clothes you’ll see in the upcoming entries of Frills and Ruffles!

Thanks to my girl friend’s suggestion, I purchased a garment rack from the Container Store to organize all of my new purchases since I’ve successfully filled two closets! So, no more spreading my “souvenirs” on the floor after a trip, now I can proudly display them beautifully next to my shoe closet in the spare room.

Dresses I picked up - I was craving for patterns, colors, and unique shapes

This time I got a wide range of outerwear in different textures and utilities!

I looked for tops that are interesting enough for going out yet classic enough for work

I am a huge fan of shoes from Taiwan. These heels are so sassy and different!

It's obvious that I am currently into vintage pieces in black and gold when it comes to jewelries


Anonymous said...

All of these items are amazing, loved those strappy shoes the nude colors are gorgeous, and don't even get me started on the outwear, all textures and colors are fab!

Hope you have a lovely week,xx

Turquoise Sails said...

Taiwan really has alot of great buys! I can totally relate to the binge shopping! The clothes there are amazing! Can't wait to see them featured!

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