Friday, March 11, 2011

A Blast From The Past

Dear Diary,
Let’s face it! Most of us wake up in the morning and think we don’t have anything to wear. Despite having a closet full of clothes (or two…), we are all victims of this great mystery.

So last weekend when I had to quickly pull something together (without a new inspiration), I came up with the idea to pull key pieces from my past entries and just prayed it would work out!

Gray Faux Leather Jacket (Taiwan) : Dark Ballerina

Military Green Bubble Hem Skirt (Forever 21): Modern Safari

Bow Belt (Giambattista Valli): Work + Bow

Booties (Manolo Blahnik) : Call Me Lacey


Anonymous said...

What a great mix! I'm a victim of that mysterious virus that sometimes kicks in, let me know if you ever find the cure! Have a lovely weekend dear!

<3 Cess O.

.:Chelsey:. said...

I'm having an I don't know what to wear tomorrow crisis as we speak. Thanks for some inspiration! Have a super weekend!

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