Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reminder: Enter F&R's Giveaway

Dear Diary,
You are probably slightly confused: where are the pictures with today’s post? The truth is I’ve got some work to do and I’m exhausted so I’ll have to delay my usual post by one day. Pretty terrible of me, I know! I seriously wonder how other bloggers have a full time job and still maintain their blogs at the same time; if you happen to know the secrets to life, please let me know!

To make up for the disappointment, I will offer you a chance to win a mini flap handbag perfect for the season. You can wear the bag long as a crossbody for the more modern look or wear it short for a more classic look.

Enter F&R's Giveaway Here!

Giving is fun and I’m spreading the F&R style, one giveaway at a time!

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