Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Shirtdress - Work Edition

Dear Diary,
We spend more of our waking hours in the office than at home. Some of us might decide to maintain two separate identities in the workspace and outside; I, on the other hand, prefer to bring a little of myself to any environment.

One way I do that is to bring my weekend style to the office. Recall that print shirtdress from an earlier entry? It’s the best opportunity to present yourself in the latest Spring trend while still being work appropriate.

Put on a black blazer for coverage and formality and swap the 5" tall sandals with low neutral pumps. With these simple changes, you might just feel the Spring air even when you are stuck in your cube!

Blazer: French Connection
Dress: fei
Pumps: Boutique 9


ShandyLand said...

Wow, brilliant! I will definietly be on the look out now for a cute dress to place under my blazer. Thanks chica!

Jess ♡ said...

Eek SO adorable. I was wondering how I was going to work summer wear into my wardrobe this year for the office. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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