Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Shirtdress

Dear Diary,
If you are looking for ways to make Spring dressing foolproof, you cannot undermine shirtdresses. It has the structure and flattering frame of a shirt and the convenience and softness of a dress.

This particular shirtdress caught my eye with its fun prints and hints of color – it’s like packing three major Spring trends in one! Keeping the whimsical quality of the piece, my first intuition is to outfit this dress with just cute platform sandals, delicate jewelry and oversized tote - a perfectly flirty look to dash around town.

Loving orange accents on my belt and on my envelope organizer inside my tote!

Dress: fei
Necklace: Forever 21
Platform Sandals: Gucci


Plain Jane said...

Very pretty! I love the how the belt gives the outfit a pop of orange.

fshnonmymind said...

That orange is the perfect accent!! I love the print on your dress and the gucci sandals.

I never knew that LV had such colorful linings. You have me thinking I should check it out and I definitely don't need more handbags. :)

Anonymous said...

I love shirt dresses they are so easy to wear and so comfy! Can wear it up or down but always looks right! But here honey you wore amazing shoes! I'm a lover of the neverfull I have it on the monogram canvas and sure it has had lots of use!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

kat @ featherfactor said...

Wow so glad I just found your blog - you have lovely style! I loved the last few outfits you put up - just followed you :)

FrillsandRuffles said...

Thank you for following Kat!

Jess ♡ said...

I absolutely adore your shirtdress! Gimme! (Kidding). But on a more serious note, you have to spill where you got that envelope clutch/organizer from!

FrillsandRuffles said...

Hi Jess - isn't the orange on the organizer adorable? Too bad it's from a store that is no longer in business. They used to have very chic bins for your closet and other small organizers. Can't remember the name...

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