Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Sweater

Dear Diary,
Spring is right around the corner, so is it time to switch out your wardrobe to make room for the new season? Not for me! Thanks to the California weather and my shopping strategies, I don’t have much seasonality to my wardrobe. That allows me to buy pieces that I can wear all year round and save a ton of money!

So wearing summer clothes in cooler weather is easy – add layers with thin v-neck sweaters, long cardigans, or vests and top off with smart outerwear for extra protection. But how do you wear winter pieces in the Spring? The secret is in the balance.
  1. Offset the heaviness of winter pieces by pairing them with something that shows off more skin
  2. Shake the winter gray by adding bright colors to your outfit
  3. Counterbalance the shapeless sweaters with a formfitting bottom
Follow the rules and you might just discover more potential in your existing wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

Those simple rules are so true, have to keep them in mind! Love that skirt, color and tulip-ish silhouette look so good on you!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

fshnonmymind said...

That is a sexy and beatifully colored skirt! I love it with the grays.

Roro said...

I love this sweater. Where did you get it? I also love the sweater and skirt put together.

FrillsandRuffles said...

Hi Roro, I purchased the sweater in Taiwan. If you are interested in F&R fashion and happens to be my size, check out the pieces I have on sale here:

Angie said...

You are so right about adding the pop of color to your outfit. That simple pop of color will brighten up your attitude and day...maybe someone else's day.

The rules are so easy to follow too!

Angie B.

Alex said...

Love the skirt - it's absolutely beautiful.

Ya said...

I love, love this outfit! Especially the skirt. Where can I find one like it? =)

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