Thursday, May 26, 2011

3x the Fun – Embroidered Tank Part II

Dear Diary,
Winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress is just as cool as winning the Oscar for Best Actress. If I apply that logic to style, then I suppose the embroidered lightweight tank can happily serve as a layering piece for a sophisticated weekend look.

As if the flower details on my tank weren’t enough, I’m adding more interest to the outfit by layering on a cardigan with origami trim. I’m fighting texture with texture, and somehow they are coming together nicely. To light things up, I pulled on a pair of white skinny jeans to create a refreshing summer outfit. But even a Best Supporting Actress needs a pair of platforms, and my favorite YSL Tribute will do!


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously taking notes! The top looks completely different this way, so much dressier, no need to say those YSLs are amazing right? ... Let's see what #3 brings!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Teresa: Life and Style said...

I love phase 2! The top looks completely different with the cardigan and belt. Great 2nd look for this top!

xo Teresa
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Shasie said...

Loving this second look with the tank!

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