Monday, May 2, 2011

Buy Love Give Love

Dear Diary,
Love can come into all shapes and sizes. As it turns out, it can arrive in your mailbox too from Buy Love. Started by two best friends, what Buy Love offers is great ideas with lots of compassion for the community. They offer lines of quality canvas totes, each designed for a specific women’s charity. The best part about Buy Love products is that your purchase comes with two totes for you to share with your best friend.

There’s no doubt that life is better if you have someone to share it with. While my fingers were feeling the soft leather and beautiful hardware details of the totes, I knew I had to share these adorable totes with my girlfriend, Nicole, who has been extremely supportive of Frills and Ruffles from the very beginning. Beyond her support in my venture, what I’ve learned from Nicole is that best friends are those that would do anything for you and with you, despite how silly it is and have fun with it. That includes wearing matching outfits, matching hats, and even similar sunglasses in the brought day light!

I consider myself lucky to have found someone to share my passion in fashion, fried food, condensed milk, Gossip Girl, and other extremely odd things! To my delight, our friendship is now further bonded by these very unique totes from Buy Love designed by two very special girls with big dreams and big hearts.

Learn how you can get you Buy Love tote and donate 5% of your purchase to one of the many charity organizations. And follow them on Facebook!


Shasie said...

Cute entry!

Live Life in Style

Ingrid said...

Dear T, I've been following your blog almost a year. This post reminds me of our old time back in high school. I have to tell you that you have done very well on this blog. Keep working and sharing your passion for fashion!

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