Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jewelry Talk

Dear Diary,
When it comes to Jewelry shopping, I don't discriminate. I had a blast shopping at two very different stores - a vintage boutique and a mass retail chain. To my surprise I, returned with versatile pieces that I can imagine myself wearing in several occasions and have the qualities to stand the test of time from both places. And best of all, my wallet was not hurting at end of the shopping spree. Who could have asked for more?

Feminine and Elegant Vintage Finds

Colorful Versatile Pieces from Forever 21

Thursday, June 16, 2011

F&R's Closet Reborn!

Dear Diary,
If you were to ask me what the things I get excited about are, then I would say lifting the lid of a newly purchased pair of shoes, opening the box of a new handbag, or unwrapping gifts from close friends. But ladies and gentlemen, there is one thing that tops all of those great moments – getting a brand new closet!

After moving into our townhouse for two years, I finally decided to add more organization to the walk-in closet in our master bedroom. The goal of this renovation was simple – to maximize hanging bars and minimize unusable space. I have to say, it was money well spent for this brand new experience. The tiny space is now less cluttered and I've gained room for a few decorations to make it feel more personal!

If you ever want to feel reborn in life, I would recommend renovating your closet!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blushing in Flats

Dear Diary,
You know how much I love my heels; they do wonders for my legs. They give a little bit of “umph” to any boring outfit. But don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate a pair of adorable flats to give an casual girlie vibe.

One way I wear my flats is to keep everything neutral ~ this is key because neutrals head to toe will elongate your body to compensate for height you had forgone by not wearing heels. But neutral doesn’t mean boring. Snake print is a perfect example of a way to add depth to what would have been a really plain outfit. Jewelry, pleats, and zipper design details also add more depth to this soft blush dress

These pale lilac nails are so dreamy for the summer!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orange Pleated Skirt

Dear Diary,
It’s getting really late and I’m burned out from work. But just want to share with you my new obsession, pleated skirts in mid length! It's so light and pretty. Makes me want to stand in front of my door and twirl until I forget about all the stress in the world (Oh I'm sure the kids in my neighborhood would stare and point)!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Bliss

Dear Diary,
I had such a nice weekend and I hope you did too! The highlight of my weekend is no doubt attending my girl friend’s beautiful wedding and reception in a winery in Los Gatos. There was food, great company, and of course lots of fashionable gals around – which makes it the perfect event in my eyes!

Every bride is the center of the attention on their wedding days and without a doubt, my stylish and beautiful friend was just that. In her GOREGOUS Oscar de la Renta dress, she took my breath away. It was such a treat for me to watch her beaming with happiness as the blushing bride as she glide through the floor in the stunning gown.

Congratulations to the beautiful bride!

As for me, I decided to wear something more whimsical to the joyous and wine-filled occasion. So I chose a floral print dress cut in a modern silhouette. It has a deep plunging neckline and back with draping details from the waist to the hip: the ultimate romantic dress for a beautiful evening.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink My Heart

Dear Diary,
If your mood were a color, what would it be? On a beautiful sunny day, mine would definitely be pink! My husband always says that I wear my heart on my sleeves, so it would seem appropriate to wear pink on a rare beautiful Sunday.

What color is your mood today?