Wednesday, July 6, 2011

F&R Summer Escape

Dear Diary,
There's one rare moment that I enjoy not dressing up - and that is when I am in a white plush robe sitting in the sun and enjoying a great ocean view. Just for one moment I do not miss my platform heels, chunky bracelets, or even my metallic belts! What could have possessed me? I might just forgo that Halston dress and go for a terry-cloth bathrobe for my next purchase instead!

A lovely courtyard outside my hotel room
Inside my hotel room

In my books, it's not a vacation until I top it off with a great meal~

Starter - Asparagus Soup
Appetizers - Hamachi and Seared Scallops
Entrees - Crispy Fish and Lamb chop


Sara B said...

That hotel room is gorgeous and that food is so beautiful! Yummy! And now I want to be lounging in a big fluffy robe too haha

Shasie said...

Amazing! Looks like such a great time! So relaxing

Live Life in Style said...

LOL! This vacay looks divine!!!!

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