Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unexpected Back

Dear Diary,
I recently purchased a slip dress from Alice & Olivia. I was in love with the sheen from the silk material and the amazing saturated color. I thought it was a versatile piece that I could wear as a tank top or a dress in a true F&R way. I walked away without trying it on; I mean, it's Alice & Olivia, it can't possibly go wrong! Well, when I returned home, there was a surprise on my back.

I guess I can't be perfect with my purchases all the time. But I figured if it wasn't going to work out, I might as well fail spectacularly! I'm bringing sexy back!


KK said...

Gorgeous top...but I am really really envying your SKIRT! I love that! I love clothes with unexpected details, and both your top and bottom totally qualify.

Anonymous said...

So sexy and chic! Love that leather skirt, the ruffles make it even more awesome!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Sara B said...

Oh heeey girl!! So sassy I love it!!

Ivana said...

lol, that's pretty fabulous!

JustPatience said...

Love the dress even the surprise back. You are right can't go wrong with A&O.

Following you on Bloglovin, you can follow back if you like.


Fashion and Number said...

You definitely look very cute in that dress. Purple suits your skin tone a lot.

P/S: Any hair tips? You hair looks gorgeous.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

what an adorable skirt! love it. you look fantastic! what is on your plate!

FrillsandRuffles said...

Wow the skirt is a hit! Ladies, It's from Forever21!

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