Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Trousers

Dear Diary,
  If I may say, pants are under rated.  When you are getting dressed for the day how often do you pull the look together around the pants?  For example, what do you wear when you want the wow factor?  A little black dress for sure!  And what do you wear when you are out for a fun night out?  A printed camisole, a sexy flowy sheer blouse, or even a flirty mini skirt.  The answer is rarely...pants!  Today, the white polka dot ankle trousers are the focal point of my look, and everything else is just playing the supporting role.

Faux Leather Peplum: Forever 21
Polka Dot Trouser: J Crew
Pumps: Seven for All Menkind

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tammy tsai said...

How in the world you can pull off polka dot pants is beyond me. It looks gorgeous on you (would totally look ridiculous on me... haha). Once again, thumbs up!

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