Thursday, May 1, 2014

Peek-A-Boo Stripes

Dear Diary,
  In case you haven't noticed, women are fickle.  What used to be the perfect tee and jacket combination yesterday just doesn't cut it today.  This is when we famously raise our arms and scream in front of our closet: "I need a new wardrobe!"  But before you run off to Goodwill, here's another alternative; add an extra layer to your tee.  You can try solid on solid, solid on pattern or even pattern on pattern.  Any playful combination of colors and textures will sure to add another dimension to your old look and appease your skittish self (until the next time).

Leather Jacket: Alice & Olivia
Gray Knit: BCBG
Stripes Tee: H&M
Jeans: Marc Jacobs
Pumps: Gucci

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