Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's Your Intention Today?

Dear Diary,
Why did you get dressed today?  Is it because it's the widely accepted thing to do in our society?   Are you dressing to hide your flaws or flaunt your assets?  Are you dressing to stand out or make yourself invisible?  Answers are different every day and might even be different a few times a day.   There's a story behind each look you encounter, some have more intentions than others.  While I'm not able to share my story today (because I can no longer protect my keyboard from my LO's chubby little fingers =================p-po-i=m˚m jnlπı:::::), but trust me when I say I had no desire to resemble a modern clown of any sort.... at least not today.  Happy cloudy Thursday.

blouse: JCrew
pants: JCrew
pumps: Prada

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