Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cape Me Up!

Dear Diary,
  As if dressing a bump is not hard enough already, dressing a bump in the winter? Forget it!  Most winter coats are pregnant women's nemesis (forget about buttoning up!).  Lucky for me, this winter is a total cape season.  It's the perfect cover up for a growing bump in the cold weather.  Not to mention it's a vehicle to cover that unflattering growing behind of yours (stuffed in a pair of thinly stretched leggings from your pre-regnancy days).   I have a few people to thank for kick starting this life-saving trend: Olivia Palermo (Cara Delevingne, SJP) with the Burberry colorbock blanket/cape and the gorgeous Blake Lively in the Alicia Adams cape.  Yes, I might look like a tent but that's okay with me!

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